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Public Notice: Petition under sub-rule (6) of Rule 6 regarding Submission of documents in proceedings under the Patents Act, 1970.


In view of the Public Notice No. CG/F/Public Notice/2020/215 dated 19th March, 2020 regarding condonation of delay/extension of timelines to file responses and /or documents relating to various proceedings under the Patents Act and corresponding rules made thereunder, attention of all the Stakeholders is drawn to the fact that the Petition (without fee) under sub-rule (6) of Rule 6 of the Patents Rules has been provisioned through E-Filing mode (under form 30) and through physical filing at the Patent office counters (other than Patent agents). As per sub-rule (6) of Rule 6 of the Patents Rules, the delay in transmitting or resubmitting documents to the Patent Office may be condoned/timeline be extended by the Controller on a petition for such condonation of delay/extension of time made not later than one month from the date when such situation ceased to exist.

May 20, 2020

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