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Updated on : 1st January, 2015

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About Patents About Designs About Trademarks About Geographical Indications About ISA / IPEA
Know about Int. search authority
Know about Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management
File your application for Patents On-line
Know how to file Patent application Online
Check Application Status
Know the status of your application
File your Applicaton for Trademakrs on-line
Know how to file a Trademarks applicatoin Online
Check application Status
Know the status of your application
Message from CG
View the message from CGPDTM
Information Booklet
Know about RGNIIPM
Public Search - Patents
Search published applications, granted patents, application status and patent agent register
Public Search - Design
Search published design application status
Check Application Status
Search for status of the application
Public Search - Geographical Indications
See lists of registered/ pending/ abandoned/ withdrawn GI or Search using application number or GI name
PCT Resources
Connect to WIPO PCT International patent system
IP Awareness
Know about Patent, Design & Trademarks systems of IP
Dynamic Patents Utilities Design Act & Rules
Search various provosions of Designs. Act & Rules
Hearing & Adjournment Details
View the hearing & adjournment details
List of Registered GI
View the list of Registered GI's
PCT Treaty, Regulations & Administrative Instructions
Know the varous provision of PCT
Public Training Schedule
View the training programme of RGNIIPM
Expired Patents
Search by Patent number or title of invention
Download varous forms of Design application
Hearing Board
View the details of hearing board
GI Acts & Rules
Know the various provisionof GI Acts & Rules
Guidelines for Authorities & Offices Patent Information System (PIS)
Knowledge of the Patents
See details of month/date wise disposal (granted, refused and abandoned applications) from 2012 onwards
Journal of Designs
Search the published Design applications
TLA Hearing Board
View the details
Download the various forms of GI applications
The PCT Applicant's Guide
Connect WIPO PCT - applicants guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Status of Request for Examination
Dynamically displays month and year of Request for Examination (Form 18) examined and FER issued in each examination group. Also lets lodge your grievance if your request is dated 3 months earlier
Search Design Agent Register
Search using name, registration number or place of business of agent
Post Registration Hearing
View the details
Know the fee details
Official Notices (PCT Gazette) Collection
Connect to WIPO
Right to Information Act
Dynamic FER View
View the First Examination Reports issued every month
Manual of Designs Practice & Procedure Free Express Service - Facility Classification of Goods
View the classification of goods - name of classes
Indian Patent Law
View the various provision of Indian Patent Law
Photo Gallery
Information regarding working of Patents (u/s 146)
Search using Patent Number/Application Number/Name Of Patentee
Right to Information Public Search - Trademarks
Search Trademarks using word mark, Vienna Code or phonetic search
Journal of Geographical Indications
View the published applicaations of GI
IPO as International Authority
View the various provisions of International authority
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Dynamic Status of Patent Applications for different fields of invention
See applications under examination, refused, granted, abandoned, withdrawn u/s 21 or withdrawn after 15 months (2012 onwards)
Design Notification
Search the registerd Design
Dynamic Trademarks Utilities
Month and date wise data regarding Examinations, Show Cause Hearing, Publications, Registrations, Notices, International Applications Designated India (2012 onwards)
How to Apply GI
To know how to file a Gi application
Quality Policy
View the IPO's quality control policy
Patent Acts and Rules
Search various provision of Patent Acts & Rules
Ten steps to file a design applications
Know how to file a design application
Stock & Flow of Trademarks
Know the stock and flow of stock at different stages of processing of applications for Trademarks
Registered process of a GI
Know the registration process of GI
View the various fee as ISA/IPEA
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Controller's Decisions
Search decisions by Controller of Patents using 6 different fields
Frequently Asked Questions  Trademarks Act & Rules Manual of Geographical Indications Practice & Procedure Contact Us  
Jurisdiction of Patent Offices
Know your appropriate filing office
  Forms & Fees
Download various forms & view the fees
Right to Information Act    
Form and Fees (Download)
Download various forms for Patent application & know the respective fee
  Trademarks Forms (Hindi) Designated Officers / Information Booklet / GI related information    
Notification of Authorised Institution for deposit of biological material as per section 10 of the Patents Act   Trademarks Registry - Location & Jurisdictions
Know your appropriate filing office
Frequently Asked Questions    
Search Patent Agent Register
Search using name, registration number or place of business of agent
  Flowchart of Processing of Applications
Know how an application is processed
Contact Us    
Stock and Flow Patents
Know the the status & flow of patent application at different stages of processing month-wise & date-wise
  Journal of Trademarks
Search the published applications class-wise
Manual of Patent Practice & Procedure   Revised Draft Manual of Trademarks Practice & Procedure      
Guidelines for Examination of Biotechnology Application for Patent   Inernational Non Proprietary Names (INN)
View the list of INN's
Guidelines for Processing of Patent Application relating to Traditional Knowledge & Biological Material   Request for correction of TM Records      
Patent Office Procedure
Know work procedure of Patent office
  Returned Registration Certificates
View the list of returned registration certificates
List of Drug Patents granted during 1-4-2010 to 31-7-2013   List of removed Trademarks
View the list of removed trademarks
List of Drug Patents granted 2005-06 to 2009-10    Classification of Goods & Services
View the classification of good & services - name of the c (fourth schedule, TM)
Right to Information Act   NICE Classification
View the NICE classification
List of Scientific Advisors   Guidelines for function under the Madris Protocol      
Journal of Patents
Search the published patent application u/s 11 A & granted Patents
  Right to Information      
Research Studies   Rosters      
Revised Report of the Technical Expert Group on Patent Law Issues    Roster of group C and group B non gazetted staff      
Reservation Roster for the post of Administrative Officer Group B (Gazetted) | Roster of Group B (Non Gazetted) and Group C (except Multi Task)
  Reservation Roster of Group A & Group B (Gazetted) Officials      
Notification for operationalization of IPAB   Trademarks Agent Register (Pdf)      
Declaration of Convention Countries, dated 20th May, 2003   Trademarks Agents Examination - Question Papers      
Patent Agents Examination - Question Papers    Frequently Asked Questions      
Frequently Asked Questions - Patents          

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